The easier,
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duct cutting tool


Incision. Precision.

SureDuct is a safety tool that protects workers and limits the risk of damage in jobs where ducting must be cut to access cables.

Cable strikes are potentially lethal to workers and costly for cable owners such as electricity, telecoms and connectivity providers.

SureDuct is a set of hard-wearing anodised cutting discs fitted with colour-coded precision depth limiters. Simply identify the type of duct that needs to be accessed, select the matching disc, and attach it to a standard multi-tool.

SureDuct limits the cut to the exact depth needed to expose the cable – and no more.

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SureDuct dics

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sureduct 10mm

Cutting depth


sureduct 8mm

Cutting depth


sureduct 5mm

Cutting depth


sureduct 6mm

Cutting depth


sureduct 3mm

Cutting depth


sureduct 2mm

Cutting depth


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road haulage

SureDuct is designed for use by electricity and telecoms maintenance teams to help ensure their safety.

Read how it works for one of the UK’s largest electrical maintenance teams